Martek’s evolution started mid-year 1981. Crafted to provide start-up solutions to young entrepreneurs, it strayed from this early course in its growth when confronted with identifying solutions to difficult real estate situations. It successfully established radical approaches to stagnant realty. Story after story prompted more creative undertakings to effect successful conclusions. Consulting led to management led to leasing led to sales.

Martek earned the reputation of ‘solution provider’ to the myriad demands and perceived obstacles of real estate deals, as well as to its investors, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in this investment/commercial real estate world.

Peopled by professionals who long for the intellectual testing of deals that are unique, problems that are new, tenant requests that stimulate option analysis, and landlords who require balance between the fiscal and physical realities of their properties, Martek continues down this ever evolving path.

Through the times of challenging interest rates in the 80’s, to the growth of the 90’s and the market-tightening effects in this new century, Martek continues to act with professionalism, patience, dedication and effervescent approaches as the market changes, and change it always does. As a diversified real estate creature, we simply thrive on change!!!

Housing some 22 souls who are here for the long haul, we remain poised to address the needs of our cadre of clients representing all sectors of the real estate market.